Atom (в прошлом Atomicity) - бесплатный текстовый редактор с открытым исходным кодом для Linux, macOS, Windows с поддержкой плагинов, написанных на Node.js, и встраиваемых под управлением Git. Большинство плагинов имеют статус свободного программного обеспечения, разрабатываются и поддерживаются сообществом.

Atom основан на Electron (ранее известный как Atom Shell) - фреймворке кросс-платформенной разработки с использованием Chromium и io.js. Редактор написан на CoffeeScript и LESS. Версия 1.0 была выпущена 25 июня 2015 г. Разработчик: GitHub Inc.


  • ctrl-, - Opens the Preferences/Settings view;
  • ctrl-shift-p - Opens & closes the command palette;
  • ctrl-p - Opens the Fuzzy Finder palette in which you can search and open files;
  • ctrl-b - Browse tabs within the window;
  • ctrl-shift-l - Selects the language the file is in;
  • ctrl-shift-m - Previews the file in the Markdown format;
  • ctrl-\ - Toggles Atom's file Tree View;
  • ctrl-shift-i - Opens up the Chrome Developer Tools/Console;
  • ctrl-n - Opens an empty file in a new tab;
  • ctrl-shift-n - Opens a new editor window;
  • ctrl-o - Shows the Open File dialog, which lets you select a file to open in the editor;
  • ctrl-shift-o - Shows the Open Folder dialog, which lets you select a folder to add to the editor's Tree View;
  • ctrl-s - Saves the currently active file;
  • ctrl-shift-s - Saves the currently active file under a different name;
  • ctrl-w - Closes the currently active tab;
  • ctrl-shift-w - Closes the currently active editor window;
  • ctrl-shift-d - Duplicates the line of the current cursor position and creates a new line under it with the same contents;
  • ctrl-shift-k - Deletes the current line;
  • ctrl-f - Opens up the Find/Replace panel;
  • F3 - Toggles forward through the results of the current buffer in the file while the Find/Replace panel is active;
  • shift-F3 - Toggles backward through the results of the current buffer in the file while the Find/Replace panel is active;
  • ctrl-shift-f - Opens the Find in Project Panel;
  • ctrl-g - Opens the Go To Line panel;
  • ctrl-m - The cursor goes to the matching top bracket that the cursor is ecapsulated in;
  • ctrl-l - Selects the entire line the cursor's current position is in;
  • ctrl-/ - Toggles the selected text into a comment of the current grammar;
  • ctrl-d - Simply select the word you want to edit, and press ctrl-d repeatedly until you have selected all the words you want to update;
  • ctrl-left - Move to the beginning of word;
  • ctrl-right - Move to the end of word;
  • home - Move to the first character of the current line;
  • end - Move to the end of the line;
  • ctrl-home - Move to the top of the file;
  • ctrl-end - Move to the bottom of the file;
  • ctrl-j - Join the next line to the end of the current line;
  • ctrl-up/down - Move the current line up or down;
  • ctrl-k ctrl-u - Upper case the current word;
  • ctrl-k ctrl-l - Lower case the current word;
  • ctrl-click - Add a new cursor at the clicked location;
  • alt+F3 - Select all words in the document that are the same as the currently selected word;
  • ctrl-shift-u - Toggle menu to change file encoding;


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